Coordinate with the different HR units in the HQ on the following areas:

  • Employment.
  • Compensation.
  • OD.
  • Employees’ Relations.
  • Human Resources Information System.

Key Responsibilities

  • Employment
    1- Coordinate with the collection of JDs and organizational charts.
    2- Assist in CV search for vacancies.
    3- Contribute to interview & send recommendations to HQ.
    4- Follow up on the recruitment documentations.
    5- Send a monthly report on the starting date of new employees.
    6- Collection & follow up with the employment contracts. 
  • Compensation
    1- Send weekly report for absences and tardiness  ATR.
    2- Manage the status change requests and send to HQ.
    3- Monthly report on phone credit system adjustment.
    4- Monthly payroll input report.
    5- Collect all documents related to employee.
    6- Create and maintain personal files.
  • Training OD
    1- Assist the HQ in promoting the EPR practice to all regional employee (awareness, workshop implementation).
    2- Coordinate on assessing training needs and identify of external providers.
    3- Supervising local training sessions by sending training reports to HQ.
    4- Providing support to internal trainings and awareness (venue, equipment…etc.).
    5- Send the monthly report to HQ.


  • Making a valid decision.
  • Ability to solve problems.
  • Knowledge of HR rules & Policies.
  • Objective and Result Oriented.
  • Planning, staffing, budgeting & reporting skills.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • High level of Assertiveness.
  • Project management Skills.
  • Knowledge of Personnel Management.

Work Experience


Bachelor in HR or any other related specialization.


  • Arabic (required)
  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (preferred)

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