• Overseeing the Revenue Assurance and Fraud Prevention/Management activities.
  • Ensuring optimal security of company’s revenues and optimal prevention of fraud and leakages impacting company’s financials.
  • Proactively improving processes that impact the optimization of our revenue streams
  • Provide leadership, direction and consultation in the avoidance of financial loss and prevention
    of fraud throughout the company.

Key Responsibilities


  • Constantly implement and improve controls and checks in areas of RA&FM.
  • Continuously ensure that published tariffs are indeed implemented tariffs on the systems: Billing, IN, ….
  • Perform quality assurance testing on key processes and systems changes which impact recording, processing and billing of revenue producing events.
  • Monitor for, prevent from, identify and remedy for potential errors in revenue cycles.
  • Perform regular reconciliation and (gap) analysis of revenue streams.
  • Monitor bill payment/collection and fraud if any by multiple checks and balances in the system.
  • Investigate, understand and document issues root causes.
  • Propose/suggest solutions to avoid occurrence of issues.
  • Manage/reconcile VAS settlements with partners, supervise the interconnect settlement and tariff alignment on all network elements.
  • Continuously work to understand and mitigate losses to ensure the highest levels of loss avoidance and reduction.
  • Maintain in depth understanding of industry trends and technological developments relative to risk and loss avoidance.
  • Validate accuracy of reporting and data used to create fraud policies and strategies on a recurring basis.
  • Report on and improve metrics .
  • Monitor and block unauthorized routing of calls to avoid revenue loss (bypass).
  • Provide support for any Regulator (CMC) inquiry and investigation in fields of RAFM.


  • Recruit, retain, train, supervise and motivate the team at all levels of the department.
  • Overall management of a department which has a broad spectrum of responsibility from analysis and controls to automated data interrogation.
  • Rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals and objectives and prioritize individual tasks and those of direct reports.


  • Build the Knowledge Management of the department in terms of RAFM practices, processes, activities,… through systematic written and digital documenting.
  • Develop and document metrics/testing/monitoring methodology and strategy and review it frequently using TCG or manual testing.
  • Recommend and document fraud prevention processes and systems enhancements.
  •  Design innovative processes, system and structural solutions to enhance department metrics.
  •  Manage End to End TCG, Bypass and RA&FM system tools, from  RFQ to implementations and analysis of issued reports, so that it provides clear value addition to RAFM activities .
  • Define reviews and process mapping techniques and other areas.
  • Define areas for reactive data interrogation (where the team will focus on finding abnormalities in transaction data that may be an indicator of errors or revenue leakage, …).
  • Document all revenue flows across critical function and monitors the same.
  • Partner with other department teams to design, develop and implement best practices to assess, manage and prevent fraud and leakages.
  • Work closely specifically with IT and build a strong working relationship with its members in matters of reporting, billing, charging, ….
  • Identify areas that need automation to minimize manual interaction.
  • Identify needs of potential additional tools.
  • Be aware of industry trends and developments in matters of RAFM.
  • Be aware of Regulator (CMC) requirements in order not to breach any rules in matter of RAFM: secure process on this.


  • Attention to Detail: Ability to focus on the lowest level of detail and assess the impact at the macro level.
  • Transaction level detail is critical to deliver innovative solutions in this role.
  • Strong technical/operational skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong mix and combination of Technical/engineering skills as well as Financial skills.
  • Passion for the role: Exhibit enthusiasm and a can-do attitude about work and deliverables.
  • Exemplify High standards: Expect him/herself and the team to perform at highest possible levels.
  • High level integrity.
  • Prior working in big four companies preferred.
  • Exceptional English language skills are required.
  • Prior experience of RAFM products like Subex ROC RA,Subex ROC FM and Roscom TCG is desirable.
  • Prior experience of at least five years as a senior leader of a Revenue Assurance and fraud prevention function in mobile Telecommunication.
  • Proven management skills over 10 years of managing teams in excess of 5+ people in dynamic, fast paced companies.

Work Experience


Masters in IT, Accounting, Technology, Engineering or equivalent


  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (preferred)
  • Arabic (preferred)

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