Manage sourcing process including sourcing strategies, supplier’s selection and negotiation to deliver overall Korek objectives. First point of contact between sourcing management and sourcing team. Liaising with executive committees concerning sourcing department purchase actions, policies and procedures.  Managing purchasing materials, equipment, supplies and services of a specialized or complex nature in accordance with company purchasing regulations and procedures. Manage, review and analyzes purchase requisitions, investigates and develops sources of supplies, prepares bid specifications, issues bid requests and reviews quotations. Interprets purchasing procedures to departments and vendors. Keeping costs down by managing the product purchasing in an efficient way.

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead sourcing organization and activities related to a portfolio of global categories and commodities within the sourcing department.
  • Run & implement the sourcing process in compliance with company guidelines.
  • Develop and promote suppliers & competitors’ market intelligence and analyses.
  • Develop and promote specific sourcing expertise and know-how and formalizes intellectual capital.
  • Ensure communication and appropriate use of selected suppliers and negotiated contracts among all entities.
  • Contribute to Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Coach & support buyers for all commodities in the scope on sourcing process and strategy definition.
  • Study & monitor supplier market and market trends, identify and leverage new suppliers andImprovement opportunities (additional levers).
  • Collect internal stakeholders needs & helps structuring using tools such as make or buy or new business models.
  • Implement contracts & required information and to ensure effective compliance with sourcing policies.
  • Develop intellectual capital on a portfolio of categories and commodities and demonstrate excellence.
  • Organizing and delivering internal and external briefing.
  • Communicate contracts and required information to all entities to ensure effective compliance with company & sourcing policies.
  • Track and report sourcing performance for a portfolio of categories / commodities. Report and escalate transversal or blocking issues to the management.


  • Negotiation Skills: Achieves favorable outcomes in win/win negotiations.
  • Persuasion: Persuasive in change efforts, selling a vision. Convincing.
  • Integrity: Iron clad. Does not ethically cut corners. Earns trust of co-workers. Puts organization above self-interests.
  • Team Player: Reaches out to peers. Overcomes we-they. Approachable. Leads peers to do what is best for company.
  • Conflict Management: Understands natural force of conflict and acts to prevent or soften them. Effectively works through conflicts to optimize outcome. Does not suppress, ignore or deny conflicts.
  • Having extensive experience in managerial skills and sourcing field.

Work Experience


Bachelor in Business or in a relevant field.


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