To ensure cost effective resource planning, asset & inventory management. Smooth functioning & integration of logistcs, clearance, transportation & warehousing team. Motivation and staff development, while adhering to local and national regulations

Key Responsibilities

  • Macro level administration of warehouses, customs clearance through all ports of Entry at the sea, air and and land borders, transportation of the Materials within the region and export of repair materials meeting the requirements of supply and demand without any business and operational interruption.
  • Reviews reports and audits all facilities fortnightly to ensure safety, health, security and sanitation.
  • Negotiating pricing with local carriers for regional deliveries, cost optimizing the transport costs through consolidation of consignments and delivering through effective means.
  • Meeting all the logistics, warehousing requirements of all the departments within the company.
  • Taking into account capacity and planning ahead accordingly.
  • Develop & Implement robust processes & policies.
  • Ensures effective resource utilization and cost management through out all sections of warehousing and logistics(Customs Clearance).
  • Ensure follow up on adherance to health safety and environment policies.
  • Advise Suppliers on the import documentation requirements & processes.
  • Follow-up on the Pe Alerts and ensures the consignments are cleared without incurring demurrages and penalties, further proper handing over the consignments to respective owners and recording the handing over for future needs.
  • Escalates technological applications requirements and constraints to the management, supporting  the teachnical team to conduct the feasibility study by providing costing, KPI’s and SOP’s.
  • Reviews root cause analysis and corrective Preventive action for accident reports and pending recurring issues.
  • Considers personnel developmental needs, prioritizes training needs, reviews MHE functionality and facility structural situation in coordination with the Management.
  • Negotiating the services of third party carriers, couriers and haulage companies.
  • Completing and filing compliance documentation for import, export and supply chain security.
  • Responsible for KPI monitoring and providing weekly, monthly KPI guidance and summarized report to the Management.
  • Optimising transport, warehousing & forwarding costs by maintaining monthly KPI of Expenses.
  • Optimising warehousing needs of the company by consolidating requirements and resources.
  • Responsible for a team of over 20 staff that include drivers and warehouse operatives.
  • Motivates guides and counsels the line staffs to ensure set targets are met, specific project plans are implemented and administrative issues are concluded.
  • Sharing knowledge with the team and managing the team according to clearly defined KPI’s.
  • Clearing & forwarding knowledge with effective communication skills and complete knowledge of Iraq customs clearance and security procedures.


  • Logistics planning.
  • Warehousing.
  • Process improvement.
  • Delivery management.
  • Commercial negotiation.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Organization and Planning Skills.
  • Team Management Skills.

Work Experience


Bachelor degree in relavent field.


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