• The Dealer Account Developer is responsible for developing main dealer sales channels and to enhance sales approach, tools and technics to ensure achieving sales target and revenue. The position works closely with all relating units or functions in this regards, and interacts with all Company departments.
  • The Dealer Account Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships with main dealers as a contact point. Developing sales strategies to ensure revenue and profit growth in the territory. The position works closely with marketing and interacts with all company departments. Persuasiveness, follow up; integrity and professionalism are important factors in daily administration of this position.

Key Responsibilities

Sales Target:
- Build market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships.
- Working closely with the main dealers in accordance with the company policies and procedures, including dealing with strength scoring data and vulnerabilities and opportunities available to the distributor in each region.
- Actively seek to increase sales up to pre-planned targets by management.
- Contributes fully to the team effort and plays an integral part in the smooth running of teams without necessarily taking the lead.
- Make sure that all main dealers achieving the targets.

  • Market Penetration:
    - Work closely with other teams to develop account intelligence.
    - Provide and analyze all the outputs of the work to the distribute and process those outputs in accordance with the main strategy of the company.
  • MD Reports/Monthly Performance:
    - Collect, monitor and analyze performance data and strategy of the main distributor on a monthly basis.
    - Weekly collection results, and monthly status reports and quarterly for each dealer.
    - Jointly create a resonant and meaningful purpose and vision.
    - Understand, articulate and confidently advocate purpose, vision and added value.
    - Identify, articulate and activate every day behaviors consistent with purpose and vision.
    - Promote consistency, alignment and efficiency of operational delivery.
  • Handling Complains:
    - Provide suggestion and recommendations to solve problems and give priority to each offering submitted by the distributors.
    - Respond to distributor requests in an effective and timely manner, engage and qualify inbound leads and inquiries.
  • Dealer Development:
    - Interact effectively with other departments including the sales team when dealing with the start of offers.
    - Interact closely with the technical team to see places the network coverage, and the accounting department, including transfer money.
    - Responsible for the qualification of distributors in the initial stages and all stages of work with the full support of the sales team, and should work through research, advice, communication, education of prospects and qualification of the main distributor sales team.
  • Visits:
    - Engage with MD Sales Rep. to achieve the target and to enhance awareness, product knowledge, identify new opportunities and develop intelligence.
    - Exchange ideas and suggestions and find the right ground to reach the main goal.
    - Solving issues and accelerate the response by Korek.
  • Report Quality:
    - Submit reports to the distributor with a profile of all the details of the reports and make sure that the information is delivered to each distributor sales team.


  • Proven track record demonstrating strong articulation of sales strategy and development.
  • Ability to assist in coordinating sales functions and relations with key accounts.
  • Positive attitude and demonstrated ability to enhance distribution and sales.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills along with excellent listening skills.
  • Ability to develop rapport, influence others and maintain strong working relationships.
  • Demonstrated ability to explain complex issues clearly.
  • Must be self-motivated, persistent, and able to work independently.
  • Persuasiveness, target oriented, and professionalism are important factors for this position.
  • This position requires an ambitious self-starter and someone that can effectively process inbound inquiries and identify qualified leads and opportunities. Relationship selling skills, with the ability to manage sales at varying levels.
  • Increase team trust, communications, confidence and credibility.

Work Experience


Bachelor in Sales, Marketing, Business, or related field.


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