• Provide technical support for all activities of integration & configurations, O&M and fault management belong to Nokia 2G, 3G & LTE system in future.
  • Develop BSS operation team skills by training them and knowledge transfer.
  • Handle BSS operation's daily activity.


Key Responsibilities

  • Handling Integration, configuration, operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting site (BTS) for all HWs (AirScale BTS, Flexi MR, Flexi MR10, Flexi EDGE) and RAN systems (SRAN & SRAT).
  • Handling integration, configuration, operation and maintenance and troubleshooting Flexi BSC and mcBSC.
  • Handling integration, configuration, operation and maintenance and troubleshooting mcRNC.
  • Prepare scripting for site (BTS) integration and configuration.
  • Proactive scheduling and scripting (automation tasks) on NetAct to do daily, weekly and monthly checks, auditing, and maintenance tasks on the mentioned nodes and HW.
  • Solid knowledge and experience on the NetAct-18 (& Previous) tools related to configuration, monitoring, reporting.
  • solid knowledge and experience on the OMS-18 (& previous) tools related to configuration, monitoring, reporting.
  • Technical support & assist overall BSS related activities (2G&3G).
  • Liaise closely with the BSS operation team for knowledge transfer.
  • Support cell planning & optimization teams by implementing of all their work orders.
  • Secure that the solution is properly implemented and works in accordance with the requirements.
  • Support to do the best maintenance strategy of the BSS O&M.
  • Issue regular report and alerts on BSS related activities/incidents to BSS operation Sr. Manager & Manager.
  • Technical support for all below activities which are key responsibilities of BSS team members, following are some examples but not all.
  • Participate of BSC/RNC expansion by working with Nokia team.
  • Able to do configuration & O&M in Nokia 2G & 3G nodes.
  • Monitoring the system & solving alarms in the site (BTS), BSC and RNC levels.
  • Excellent on working with NetAct.
  • Able to replace & configure new boards in the BSC and RNC.
  • Solving BTS & NodeB problems (site alarm, TRX faulty …).
  • Participate in the acceptance test procedures for new BSCs and RNCs.
  • Make CP & AP backups (as per request).
  • Change BSC/RNC parameters & properties.
  • Re-homing project to re-dimensioning of the network (for both 2G&3G).
  • Site definition with new technology. (Multiband & daisy chain & dual band)
  • Support and/or participate in the acceptance test procedures for BTSs/NodeBs.
  • Able to work on all parameters in both cell & BSC level for both 2G&3G technology.



  • Experience in telecommunication GSM.
  • Experience in BSS Operation(2G&3G).
  • Familiar with operation & maintenance/Integration & configuration/ fault management issues in Nokia 2G & 3G systems.
  • Excellent information on 2G & 3G parameters.
  • Able to support and co-operate at all levels.
  • Flexible in working hours.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Highly task and project orientated.
  • Excellent communicator.


Work Experience


Bachelor in Telecomunications/Software Engineering or a related field.


  • English (required)
  • Arabic (preferred)
  • Kurdish (preferred)

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