• To support CVM, Pricing team.
  • Enhance the segmentation.
  • Give insights for Churn prediction, next best offer.
  • Review and validate pricing of new products and validate the business case.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage data mining activity across organization in collaboration with relevant functions and identify opportunities, leverage on DM capabilities to improve quality of the customers, revenue, retention, and enhance customer LTV.
  • Provide predictive knowledge using datamining capabilities and models to boost the business (churn prediction, segmentation, Social Network, next best offer).
  • Create a new segmentation reporting suite and dashboard(s) to ensure the integration of the final segmentation products with group systems and processes.
  • Develop right Segments and clusters for marketing actions.
  • Use Social network analytics for identifying the right communities and enhance the marketing efforts and product penetration.
  • Manage Datamining Eco system.
  • Work closely with marketing product team to identify targets and actions and provide intelligent inputs and insights using BI capabilities.
  • Measure the incremental outcome of CVM activities and act as the official reporting source of such KPIs Liaison with other functions to develop strategies to use data mining capabilities for revenue generation and protection, improve customer quality and for predictive analytics.
  • Engage with Tec DWH for BI operations as per the SLA.
  • Support marketing value generation activities by developing and applying sophisticated customer insight generation and complex modelling, and segmentation activities.
  • Answer critical business questions around marketing/sales funnel, customer retention, business investment prioritization related to customer value management and identifying opportunities.
  • Create sustainable models and participate in the continuous improvement of predictive analytics framework.
  • Leverage insights gained from analytics into actionable business recommendations.
  • Review and validate all business cases for all new product/services for both consumers / enterprise.
  • Forecast the impact of pricing decisions related to the overall business expectations, profitability, and key pricing metrics.


  • Expert in SAS Business data miner platform.
  • Strong data mining expertise.
  • Strong statistical background.
  • Strong knowledge in Telco, Marketing domain.
  • Excellent strategic thinking, analytical skills and the ability to be creative.
  • Aptitude to multi-task and prioritize effectively, manage pressure, and solve problems.
  • Strong coaching and team building experience.
  • Ability to operate in a diverse multicultural, multinational work environment, exhibiting appropriate sensitivities.
  • Experience in the  Business  intelligence, Data mining & Pricing in Telecom Operation.

Work Experience


Bachelor or Master in Marketing, Business or Engineering.


  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (preferred)
  • Arabic (preferred)

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