• Provide technical support for all activities of integration & configurations, O&M and fault management belong to HUAWEI 2G , 3G & LTE system in future.
  • Develop BSS Operation team skills by training them and knowledge transfer.
  • Handle BSS Operation's daily activity.


Key Responsibilities

  • Providing technical support for 2G/3G-RAN/LTE nodes (MBSC ,BTS, SRAN, NodeB, LTE), including installation, configuration, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • Operation and maintenance BSC/RNC BSC6910.
  • Configuration, integration, operation and maintenance for BTS5900, RRU5909, BBU5900.
  • Configure HUAWEI Quad Band antenna.
  • Preparing scripts for BTS5900  BTS, NodeB & LTE Node.(Using HUAWEI Tools).
  • Providing technical support and health check for new integrated sites and new MBSC, SRAN, LTE.
  • Upgrading all of 3G RAN, LTE nodes and performing network-general tests.
  • Providing and maintaining engineering product documentation and work procedure.
  • Installations, commissioning and data configuration of 2G/3G/4G, MBSC, SRAN, LTE equipments.
  • Integration, SW/HW upgrades and maintenance for GSM/UMTS MBSC, SRAN, LTE equipments.
  • Re-homing & migration of nodes (MBSC,SRAN).
  • Able to set and meet KPI’s and find solution to overcome capacity and congestion problems.
  • Can provide solution to improve network availability and stability.
  • Perform acceptance of new MBSC, SRAN, BTS, NodeB, LTE sites.
  • Performance monitoring for GSM, UMTS network.
  • Perform network level audit for 2G, 3G, LTE and make rectification plan.
  • Responsible for software upgrade of GSM and UMTS network to single RAN.
  • Implement daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance on Huawei wireless products (MBSC, SRAN, LTE, BTS, NodeB, IP Clock Server, M2000 and U2000).
  • Writing multiple solutions/proposals for GSM, UMTS, swap projects and troubleshooting cases for technical faults.
  • BSC & BTS data download and activation if case equipment has gone down.
  • BSS call drop problem, VSWR problem and faulty equipment’s problem resolution.
  • Provide solution to customer for GPRS problem in whole network by analyzing the traced messages at GB interface.
  • Collect data for preparation of weekly progress report on project activities and technical issues.
  • Daily monitoring and maintaining the target network KPI’s (DCR, CSSR, HSR, TCH congestion, SDCCH congestion) of an area comprising of major cities, minor cities and rural.
  • Troubleshooting of worst cells & recommendations of soft parameters adjustments, frequency planning tuning and physical parameters tuning.
  • Parameter optimization and fine tuning of bad cells of clusters , have knowledge in 2G, 3G, LTE parameters.
  • Local teams training and competency improvement plan knowledge transfer.
  • Support cell planning & optimization teams by implementing of all their work orders.



  • Experience in telecommunication GSM.
  • Experience in BSS Operation (2G & 3G).
  • Experience in BSS Operation (LTE).
  • Familiar with operation & maintenance/integration & configuration/fault management issues in HUAWEI 2G,3G & 4G systems.
  • Excellent information in 2G, 3G & 4G parameters.


Work Experience


Bachelor Telecommunication/Software Engineering or a related field.


  • English (required)
  • Kurdish (preferred)
  • Arabic (preferred)

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