Follow up and facilitate the execution of the company’s overall strategies/plans in the region under concerned executives’ supervision. That includes cooperation and coordination with concerned executives to achieve the regional targets. To be fully responsible - Administratively - of the regional operation. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead and supervise all regional operation in coordination and cooperation with management team.
  • Fully responsible to achieve regional KPIs in terms of Sales, Active subs. And revenues.
  • Provide monthly reports to headquarter on the allocated functionality.
  • Make sure that all KOREK policies and procedures are being properly implemented in the region.
  • Provide support  for PR, Finance, HRA,  Procurement and logistics  based on their related Head Office Management.
  • Conduct regular meeting with the region’s management and staff to enhance staff engagement, motivation and
  • keep a close contact between the staff/management in the region and the Head office. As a result, provide coaching and mentoring support to the region’s leadership.
  • Recommend operational changes within the allocated functionality in response to changing conditions.
  • Oversee marketing related issues in liaison with MarCom management.
  • Provide feedback and analysis on competitor activities.
  • Assist in identifying and validating sponsorship opportunities.
  • Provide timely business risk advice, on the region potential risk issues.
  • Responsible for all regional expenses.


  • Analysis skills: Identifies significant problems & opportunities. Analyzes problems and people in depth. Sorts the wheat from the chaff, determining root causes.
  • Decision making: Consistent logic, rationality & objectivity in decision making. Neither indecisive nor hip- shooter.
  • Assertiveness: Takes forceful stand on issues without being excessively abrasive.
  • Empowerment: Pushes decision making down to lowest level. Provides authority & resources to subordinates.
  • Change leadership: Actively intervenes to create & energize positive change. Leads by example.


Work Experience


Bachelor or Master in a relevant field.


  • English (required)
  • Arabic (required)
  • Kurdish (preferred)

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