Why work for Korek?

KOREK Telecom is the fastest growing mobile operator in Iraq, and offers the most stable and reliable mobile network in the region.


KOREK Telecom is the ideal place for you to start up and build a career of your choice. We recognize that it’s our employees who are giving us the competitive advantage and success, therefore we reward them with competitive pay and benefits.


You will be part of a growing mobile operator that offers many opportunities for career & professional development along with a positive work environment built on mutual respect and professionalism.

We offer our employees with various training programs and countless opportunities in order to grow personally and professionally. We make sure our employees are continuously developed in their knowledge and skills in order to meet the latest trends and technologies. 


We encourage you to build and advance your career with us as well as help contribute to the future success of KOREK Telecom.

“I Joined Korek Telecom family in 2012, not knowing that it would be the start of a very exciting career. I started my career in Korek Teleco...

Lawen Tahseen Customer Care Senior Manager Commercial Department

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 “I started my career in KOREK as a team member seven years ago, starting fresh with no practical experience. In the beginning,...

Zardasht Khalid Site Management Senior Manager Site Management Department

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“I believe that to be a small part of a big company is better than a big part of a small company.
I am very happy that I got the opport...

Iran Aziz Support Senior Manager Sourcing Department

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“I joined KOREK Telecom in 2001. It was my 2nd job after my graduation from college. At that time, KOREK was in the phase of initi...

Anas S. Zangana FLM Manager O&M Department

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“I was always dreaming to work for a well-reputed and big company like KOREK. In addition to its good financial stand, market leadership and ...

Araz Tutinchi POS & Franchise Sales Director Commercial Department

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“I have been working in KOREK for 5 years now. I started in the Project Management Office as a Team Member, then Team Leader, Supervisor, and...

Mahmood Sherko Senior IT Project Manager IT Department

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“It has been a pleasure working for Korek family and accomplish very important achievements during the last 13 years of my service. Korek str...

Kawa Latiff Power Manager Power Department

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“When I was an undergraduate, I was dreaming to work in a large international company. After graduation, my dream came true when I was a...

Bestoon Kirkuki Regional Technical Senior Manager O&M Department

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“I started working in the telecommunication more than 12 years ago, but during all that period I was looking for a company where its culture ...

Hadeel Sheean Direct Sales Manager Sales Department

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“I joined Korek Telecom in 2010, two years after obtaining my Master's degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering. My work over the ...

Ahmed Al-Sahwi Regional RF & Optimization Manager RAN Department

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“For me the secret to success in your job is to choose a job you love. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will make every task enjoyable and...

Saja Albayati Planning Supervisor RAN Department

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“I joined Korek family in 2007.  I am proud to be part of this great company; it was my first job after graduation from college of engin...

Mehvan Ahmed Operational Regional Manager O&M Department

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